Capstone Classical Academy

Providing students in 6-12th grades a classical education based on a Finnish model.

Are you aware that in a standard school population, close to 15% of students can be classified as gifted learners? Unfortunately, in our area the schools focus more on closing the gap between those that are behind the curve and those who perform at normal levels. This approach means top performing students often find school to be, well … boring. In fact, you might have one of these students in your home. Does your student, whom you know to be bright, struggle to find meaning and challenge in school? They might even underperform because they are bored with the content. They could be already be proficient, or gifted, but are waiting for their classmates to catch up. Those students now have an option!

Understanding this gap in our current educational offerings, and the need to build social capital, Dr. Susan Goers and her team will open a secondary academy to serve this group of scholars. What is classical education? It is an educational approach that dates back to the Middle Ages, that bases education on human development stages. The Grammar stage teaches students how to learn, the Logic stage focuses on developing logical thinking, and the Rhetoric stage focuses on developing thinking and creativity while reading and writing. Each level is grounded in literature, history, and virtues.

Originally from Rochester NY, Dr. Goers has 30 years of experience teaching the classical approach. She has assembled a staff and administration of community members who value a top level education utilizing the classical academic approach, which is called Capstone Classical Academy. The Board of Directors currently includes: Mr. Chris Gurnee, Chairman; Mr. Aaron Stringer ESQ, vice chairman; Mr. Patrick Munson CPA, treasurer; Mrs. Linda Reed, Secretary; and Mrs. Tammi Ross, Trustee Educator.

At Capstone, students learn the why of the information that they are being taught so they can apply it in the real world. They are taught the history behind the education. The students will be grouped as follows: sixth grade will be instructed individually; seventh and eighth grades will travel together in unstructured classrooms; ninth through twelfth grade will travel together. Students will visit four hubs each day for instruction and study: Humanities, STEM, Life Skills/Citizenship, and the Arts. Instructors all have a background or experience with Core Knowledge and Classical Knowledge. Studies will include a heavy emphasis in constitutional studies, and how the Bible is the foundational document that influenced the Constitution of the United States and classical literature. Students will also study math and logic in the traditional approach.

Also in a partnership with Ogden/ Weber Applied Technology College, 11th and 12th grade students have the opportunity to complete a certification course by the time they graduate. In fact, in order to graduate from Capstone Classical Academy, students must have one of the following: an acceptance letter from a college or university or a completed certificate from O-WATC giving them the opportunity to immediately begin their career. There is no graduating from high school without a vision and mission to move onto the next phase of life. These students are ready to launch into either a college career, or the immediate job market.

Capstone Academy will not only challenge students, but it will prepare them to compete on a national and global level. We feel lucky to have them right in our backyard in Pleasant View, right on route 89, North of the Pepsi Plant.


  1. Our family is very excited for this educational opportunity for our 7th grade student. We appreciate the knowledge, dedication and passion the founding members and school board has put into place for this type of needed education for our community. Thank you and grateful we have choices.

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