Business Spotlight Two Brothers Homes and Loan

Dustin and Lance Peterson combine their skills in business and their bond as brothers.

Born and raised in Eden, UT, Dustin and Lance Peterson lived a life that seemed to come directly from a Norman Rockwell painting. They spent their days running all over the Ogden Valley riding bikes, going to the general store, swimming at Pineview and working on cattle ranches. Back then it was mostly farms and Dustin would lead his younger brother Lance across those fields on their way home from Valley Elementary where they were proud Bulldogs.

Reminiscing about their childhood, Lance remembered making boats out of all sorts of things. They would lash random objects together so they could float out on the lake and fish. Today when they tell their mom about the patch-work rafts they built, it still makes her very nervous even though it was years ago. Much of their memories remind me of a Tom Sawyer book. These boys lived outside.

The brothers were inseparable, both attended Weber High and often worked at the same places. At one point, Lance and Dustin both worked for Fidelity in stock trading. Lance enjoyed the work but Dustin did not. Dustin decided to move on and remembers the day he quit. He was going in to give his two weeks notice and they escorted him to the door. He was so surprised by this. The worst part was that Lance still worked there and was still inside. Because the brothers had driven together, Dustin had to wait outside several hours for Lance to finish his work for the day. Lance stayed there for almost three years and then worked as a financial planner with Heritage Financial Group for five years. He then started as a loan officer in 2005.

Dustin and Family

Dustin went to college and received an MBA from Pepperdine. He spent the beginning of his career in Aerospace sales in Southern California. In 2007 he decided to make a change and bring his family home to Utah. Lance and Dustin decided to join forces in a Real Estate and Mortgage business.

If your memory serves you, you will remember the major economic downturn of 2007 and 2008. Many would say it was not the best time to start a real estate business. The brothers however, did well. They take naturally to working hard and striving for goals. Jet Realty and Jet Mortgage were their original companies. After the economic downturn, the entire industry changed and new rules were implemented on both Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers. With those changes, the Petersons chose to separate their efforts with Dustin running the Real Estate business and Lance running the mortgage company, changing the name to Talon Loans. Within a few years the brothers would decide to purchase the local ERA Brokerage located on Harrison Blvd, naming it ERA Skyline Real Estate. This brokerage is one of the oldest Real Estate Brokerages in the state of Utah. Both businesses now operate out of their building on Harrison.

Regulations changed for the entire industry but not much changed for the Peterson brothers. They never charged too much or took advantage of people, so they didn’t have to change their business practices. Dustin says, “We didn’t need government regulation to do the right thing.”

Dustin and Lance started in business as brothers, and many of their first clients were family and they have continued to treat everyone like family. Dustin also says the key to their success is their ability to have fun and enjoy the process of helping people get a loan or find a home. This philosophy shows in their business success, they have an extremely high level of repeat business in both mortgages and real estate. I think their sense of humor also shows in the ads they run in this magazine and on their Facebook and Instagram pages at Two Brothers Homes & Loans. I have included a couple of their posts with this article and recommend you check them out.

Dustin has six children and lives in Pleasant View. Lance has four children and lives in Mountain Green. They spend their free time mountain biking and road biking, fishing and snow skiing. They have competed with teams in several long distance bike races. One of their favorites is the Salt to Saint race from Salt Lake City to Saint George. They rode on a team organized by their cousin Clay Christensen. Both brothers remembered traveling down Highway 89 in the middle of the night. It was very dark and cold. They said you learn a lot about yourself when you ride in pitch black darkness all alone. It was a great accomplishment for both brothers to compete in these races.

The best part about the brothers is they are so down to earth. They are easy to talk to and easy to like, and an excellent resource for conducting a Real Estate or Loan transaction.

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