Business Spotlight: Artistic Hair

2602 N 400 E

Monday thru Saturday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Closed Sunday

Artistic Hair began about 35 years ago when Judy Beckey needed a place to continue doing hair. The building where she worked (and currently owns) was condemned by North Ogden City because of a leaking roof. Judy and her husband Bruce, (“Mr. B”) convinced the Small Business Administration (who owned the building at the time) that they were a good risk and lent them the money to start their business. They began by fixing the roof and continued renovating the rest of the building.

Bruce developed a brain tumor and became disabled, but was able to help their business continue to grow by doing the books, keeping up the landscaping, repairing the building, basically keeping everything running so Judy could keep doing what she did best! Sadly, he passed away about 10 years ago.

Throughout the years,different members of the family have worked with Judy and currently her daughter, Wendie Aiken and her granddaughter work there.

Judy has been active in the Miss Cherry Days Pageant, helping with hair and makeup. Also, she has volunteered at Your Community Connection in Ogden for many years. She was nominated by the YCC Board as Businesswoman of the Year. Artistic Hair offers the following services:





•Color correction




•Eye lashes


•Consulting clients

•Retail: Jewelry, scarfs,purses, & holiday specials

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