Building Loyalty The Only Way

How do you build loyalty with your customers, connections, and personal relationships? With more distractions, schedules, and deadlines it is difficult to take the time to build loyalty with those you interact with. Increasing loyalty will create long-lasting customers, meaningful friendships that you can count on and business advocates that have your best interest in mind.

Let me suggest two things that will help you build more loyalty. To take relationships to the next level you will need to show generosity and be authentic. These two qualities will build loyalty faster and stronger than anything else.

Being generous in giving someone else help for what they need or even making them smile will speak volumes. Take the time to be curious in finding out likes, challenges they may be facing, opportunities they are looking for and then deliver on those things.

I had a business friend come by to say hello and drop off some cookies. It put a big smile on my face, not just because I like cookies, but because someone else was thinking about me. Our friendship has deepened through those types of interactions.

The second suggestion is to be authentic. Have you ever been to a meeting or had a discussion with someone who clearly didn’t want to be there or see value in that interaction? How does it make you feel? It can make you feel unimportant and in most cases, it’s a big waste of time. Being genuine and having clear motives will help you be more authentic with yourself and others. One way or another, how we really feel comes through and others can pick up on that.

Being generous and authentic will help you build more loyalty which will enrich your business, your connections and the people you associate with. Not only will these relationships become more meaningful, but you will grow and be more fulfilled as well.


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