Bryson’s Rock Shop


A family business since 1984, Bryson’s offers their customers stones, beads, and much more.

There are over 150 kinds of tumbled stones to choose from at this very unique shop.

If this is your first visit to Bryson’s Rock Shop, be prepared to spend some time. This shop is fascinating! There is always something new and interesting to discover. They have a massive and varied inventory of rocks from all over the world. Owner Dave Wonderly says he’s polished rocks from Everest, Antarctica, and the quarry that Stonehenge came from. They have over 150 kinds of tumbled stones in all colors and textures. You can check them out and see which ones speak to you. They have towers, spheres, geodes, crystal beads, and silver and gemstone jewelry. This shop is truly unique. No one else in the city is doing what they do.

Dave’s parents, Dennis and Ann Bryson opened the shop in 1984. Dave started working there with both of them in 1996 when Bryson’s Rock Shop moved to its current location at 326 Washington Blvd. He’s been here ever since. The Brysons passed away in 2004, and since then, Dave has taken ownership of his family business. He loves what he does, and the people and minerals he works with. “My Dad taught me how to cut rocks when I was seven,” Dave said, so he’s been doing this his whole life.

“My Dad taught me how to cut rocks when I was seven.” -Dave Bryson

This shop has secrets. I had never seen it before, but Dave has a back room where he keeps some of his most prized collector’s items. There were various spectacular pieces inside, such as large stone spheres weighing 70 lbs., and beautiful, rare, mixed-mineral formations. If you’re serious about art and love stone and gems, be sure to make yourself an appointment to explore Dave’s back room.

There’s truly something at Bryson’s Rock Shop for everyone. It’s a great place to browse and explore. Dave carries all shapes and sizes of stones and one-of-a kind mineral art. He also carries books, rock-hounding tools, tarot cards, and singing bowls. Many people come to his shop to explore the metaphysical healing properties of the different minerals. I love the colors and textures of natural stone, and feeling a closer connection with the earth. Many of us are soothed by a palm stone, or feel energy from a crystal. The stone spheres are my favorite. I asked Dave if he had a favorite, and he said “The opal collection.” Very nice choice.

Bryson’s has a skilled in-house jeweler, Adan Molina. This enables them to repair jewelry and create amazing custom pieces. Adan has been with them for many years, and is able to work with gold, silver, and any kind of gemstone. Their selection of jewelry is wide; everything from inexpensive jewelry that only costs a couple of dollars, up through higher end handmade pieces with rare stones. They have all sorts of beautiful and unique accessories, beads, bracelets, rings, pendants and much more. I really enjoy browsing their collection of gemstone and sterling jewelry. And if you find a stone you really like, you can have their staff wire wrap it, and get a chain for it, right there while you shop. Instant custom pendant.

Bryson’s Rock Shop is the place to go to discover stones, get equipment for doing your own mineral hunting expeditions, find awesome earthy accessories, gaze into translucent rock, and find a small piece of the earth that speaks to you.

Business: Rock Shop
326 Washington Blvd. in Ogden

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