Brent Chugg will soon be the temporary Mayor

The City Council voted unanimously to appoint Brent Chugg as the temporary mayor. Mayor Brent Taylor said Chugg has a great history of service. He said Chugg showed effective executive leadership as a volunteer project manager for the public works building. Taylor recommended him for the temporary mayor position to the council. “He really helped reduce tensions and bring together everyone on the committee to complete the building under budget and on time.” Taylor said he is confident Chugg will continue a positive climate in the city. Councilwoman Cheryl Stoker, Councilman Carl Turner, and Taylor all saw Chugg’s ability to bring people together first hand. Councilman Blake Cevering said he has more experience with Brent Chugg so that is who he recommended. Chugg said, “If the mayor is out there serving our country, I ought to be able to do something to help.”

Turner said, “When I saw that Gary [Belton] applied I knew he would do a fantastic job. I would nominate him, but I will support who this council chooses. I trust the Mayor’s recommendations.”

Applicant Colonel Gary Belton said, “I was fortunate to have two successful careers, one in healthcare and one in military. At this point I have no burning desire to march off onto a new career or any political ambitions, but I do believe very much in the idea of service.” Councilwoman Sara Fawson said both individuals are qualified people to help our city move forward. Councilman Phillip Swanson said these two men “are amazing in leadership and service to community.”

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