Big Upgrades For North Ogden Water Infrastructure


As North Ogden City continues to grow, the Public Works Department has been busy making sure our infrastructure is growing – not just with it, but in preparation for future growth. In 2022, residents saw lots of construction projects, most of them being upgrades to our water system like upsizing pipe size or replacing old pipes. In most cases, it was both. One project that many were familiar with was on Fruitland Drive; there we replaced the water line that was 50 years old and upsized the pipes to adequately handle future growth. A few other projects included a major pipe replacement on Washington Boulevard between 1800 N. and 2000 N. and two very important connections to the water system. These additional connections with Pleasant View and Ogden City will be used during emergency situations so that we can all maintain adequate service and fire flow, should the need arise.

Spring 2023 will bring more construction to the city on 2100 N. in the field located between Fruitland Drive and Mountain Road. Once the project is complete, the area will contain a 2-million-gallon water reservoir, the biggest one in North Ogden. This new tank will help provide enough water storage to maintain our culinary water needs beyond when our build-out capacity is reached.

One of the greatest aspects of all these projects is that most of the funding has come from alternative sources. Impact fees from new development in the city have been able to help pay for the pipe we have upsized, along with the extra capacity we will be gaining from the new reservoir. The remainder of the water reservoir cost will be provided by the federal and state (ARPA) funds we received as part of the Covid Relief packages. By utilizing these different types of funding, we have been able to do a lot of upgrades with very little impact on your utility bill. As we look ahead to accomplishing future projects, we will continue to track our residents’ utility needs and the growth of the city to ensure the impact on all is minimal. Want to stay up to date on what’s happening next?

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