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Bi-Centennial Park


Bicentennial Park, home to the North Ogden Stump (fresh well water available year-round), is getting a facelift. This park also acts as a memorial for many of North Ogden’s veterans.

After residents and city workers noticed the banks of the canal running through Bicentennial Park were severely eroding, a plan was created to dig out the undercut banks and shore them with bigger boulders to help prolong the life of the bank. Eric Thomas, of Regency Excavation and the North Ogden Planning Commission Chair, along with another anonymous family, generously donated the rocks that will build a more secure bank. Regency also donated the time and labor to complete the project. Regency Excavation has also developed many subdivisions throughout North Ogden.

Thank you for your kind donations to ensure a safer experience for our citizens to come and enjoy the park!

Fun Fact >> Robert Redford came to speak at the dedication for the park back in 1976.

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