Before The Thaw – Flood Preparation


North Ogden City is no stranger to flooding. Back in 1991, a superstorm hammered the city for two days causing flooding in homes, and mudslides. We saw a small glimpse of the same type of storm earlier this year when it rained for 18 hours straight, shocking residents when their sump pumps started running and our detention basins reached capacity. Now a quarter of the way into the new year, storms are continuing to roll through the valley and the snowpack keeps rising posing the question “How can we be prepared for the spring thaw?”

Over the years, North Ogden City has continued to make improvements to our infrastructure to help manage the stormwater flow. Detention basins hold back water when major events occur and/or the snow starts melting, but groundwater and open channels still have the potential to affect homes in our area as water tables rise. You can be prepared before you start seeing the water flow throughout our city by taking the following steps:

•Make sure the gutters and storm drains in front of your home are free of debris.
• Check the perimeter of your home for any areas that may collect water or soft spots in your yard that might signify water tables are high.
• Check the interior of your home for cracks in the foundation. These could be entry points for excess groundwater.
• Sandbag around your home or along open channels that border your property to help create a barrier of protection. Sandbags are available from North Ogden City for $.50/each. They can be purchased at 505 E. 2600 N. and filled at 165 E. Lomond View Dr. during normal business hours.
• Test your sump pump to make sure it’s running correctly and efficiently. Make sure the pump is adhering to city code by only pumping water into the storm drain or onto your personal property. Pumping water into the sanitary sewer system or culinary water system is prohibited.
• Talk to your property insurance provider to find out if you have flood insurance or if it’s available.

Additional preparation tips can be found at

By taking a few extra steps now, you can help ensure that your home will be protected no matter what the weather throws our way. matter what the weather throws our way.

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