By Lisa D – Acuity Insurance

Whether we care to admit it or not, a refresher on good driving habits may be in order. Here are some bad habits to pay attention to and break:

Speeding. Driving faster than the speed limit can be costly. Not only does speeding lead to tickets and higher auto insurance premiums, it is also one of the leading causes of accidents.

Accelerating through yellow lights. You may think you can make it through a yellow light, but what if you don’t? You could get in the way of other vehicles or cause a collision. Not all lights provide the same amount of time. If the light turns yellow when you are approaching, slow down and stop if it is safe to do so.

Merging incorrectly. A vehicle that is merging into a lane does not have the right of way. If you are merging, be aware of vehicles traveling in your path and merge so other vehicles do not have to slow down or speed up for you.

Not using turn signals. Turning without signaling can end up taking a turn for the worse. Communicate your intention to make a turn or change lanes so other drivers are aware. This helps keep you and others safe.

Not checking blind spots. We all have blind spots to be aware of when driving. Check your mirrors and look over your shoulder to see if other cars are around before changing lanes. Stay out of other drivers’ blind spots as well.

Tailgating. Following a vehicle too closely can lead to bad results. It can upset or distract the driver of the vehicle in front of you, require you to suddenly brake hard, or cause you to rear-end the vehicle. Determine whether you can safely pass the vehicle or slow down and keep a safe distance.

Distracted driving. This is a prominent cause of auto accidents. There are many things to consider and watch for while operating a vehicle. Prepare yourself, your passengers, and the vehicle before driving so you can focus on being safe on the road.

The good news about bad habits is that they can be changed. Keep these tips in mind while driving and be safe!

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