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Asphalt Experts are locally owned and operated; they can provide you with the personalized services you deserve. You deserve friendly, caring, and helpful services. Asphalt Experts goal is always 100% customer satisfaction.

Offering a New Way to Replace Asphalt Driveways


Asphalt Experts, located at 2610 Washington Boulevard in Ogden, Utah, is a locally owned and operated business known for always providing the kind of personalized service, care, and attentiveness that everyone deserves, but doesn’t always get to enjoy.

They offer a range of customizable asphalt and gravel solutions for driveways and parking lots, including crushed stone, pea gravel, and decorative gravel.

“Whether our customers need a convenient low-maintenance option, a soil compaction solution, or an aesthetic enhancement, we are able to successfully tackle any project,” said owner Thomas Doxey, who has over fifteen years of sales experience that includes success in a wide range of markets.

It’s likely you’ve seen their work at Ogden’s DMV, the Morgan Airport, and the Lotus Building.

Asphalt Experts offers our local community a new way to replace asphalt drives with what Doxey described as an interlocking grid system based on an innovative road construction method that improves upon the traditional methods of laying asphalt or concrete.

“The interlocking grid system, typically used for stabilizing gravel or turf, is now being applied as a more eco-friendly and more efficient alternative to traditional driveway construction,” said Doxey.

The installation process still involves compaction and laying six inches of road base. Once that’s done, the interlocking grid system is set in place with gravel or decorative stone, which is then poured into the grid system leaving the top of the system visible, but unobtrusive.

Doxey described this new system as a method that provides weight support comparable to an asphalt driveway, which allows for the use of vehicles of all sizes without damaging roads or the grid system itself.

“Another benefit of this method is its compatibility with a heating system, which can be applied under the grid matrix that also aids snow melt,” said Doxey. “Though snow removal with a shovel can be challenging, using this system still allows customers to use a snow blower.”

More importantly, with the current drought conditions affecting many areas in Utah, not only is this interlocking grid system affordable, it is also environmentally friendly by allowing water to be absorbed back into the ground where it’s urgently needed, instead of wastefully running off into drainage systems. It gives both homeowners and businesses the ability to maintain a posh appearance that requires minimal to no maintenance.

Asphalt Experts is an experienced asphalt and concrete contractor, and now offers this innovative alternative to traditional road hardscape methods of asphalt and concrete. If you are considering replacing your asphalt and improving the appearance of your driveway, this solution is worth considering.

“Think of us as a friendly, caring, and supremely helpful asphalt service whose goal is always 100% customer satisfaction,” said Doxey.

If your snow hasn’t yet melted then the asphalt repair season will be pretty short, but you can schedule an appointment before it does. For more information about Asphalt Experts services, give them a ring at 801-318-0949.

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