Are you delivering “Wow!”?

Have you had an experience with a product or service where you sat back after and said to yourself, “Wow, that was amazing!”? This happens when expectations are exceeded. What are you doing in your business to deliver the “Wow”?

A study done by Bain & Company revealed that 80% of companies interviewed believed they deliver superior customer service. Interviewing the customers of these businesses only 8% believed they received superior customer service. Why is there a disconnect between the business and the experience of the customer? Many companies believe they are providing the necessary superior customer service but in reality, it isn’t delivering that “wow” factor for the customer.

My family and I went back-to-school shopping where we experienced the “wow” at a clothing store. An associate greeted us with a smile asking what she could help with. With each of us carrying a stack of clothes we needed a dressing room. She quickly got us the biggest dressing room available so we could begin the process of mass confusion with piles of clothes for yes, maybe, no and definitely no.

She was like a busy bee going back and forth getting different sizes and even grabbing a few toys for the younger two kids to keep them occupied. Once we selected our clothes we headed to the register. Instead of handing us off to another cashier she opened up another register and started to ring us up. Without asking she used an online coupon that gave us an extra 15% off after the discount we already received. Not only was I ecstatic by saving money but she went out of her way to make sure my family was taken care of, had what we need, and she enjoyed doing it.

This was a “wow” experience. Finding out what your customer needs and having the generous attitude of really wanting to help them will give you the pathway to deliver the “wow.” So in our crazy world of information and busy-ness, stand out by being uncommon, finding their needs and give them something they will never forget.

Chris Mertz

General Manager Corporate Alliance

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