Are You an Accomplice to Your Own Victimization?

In other words, do you unknowingly contribute to your own victimization? Do you make the criminal’s ability to victimize you easier because of your lack of precaution to protect yourself from crime? 

The following is a quiz to help you assess 

your likelihood of being a victim:

Crime Quiz

1)  Do you leave your car or house unlocked?

2)  Do you leave the keys to your car/truck in the ignition when parked in the driveway or garage?

3)  Do you leave the garage door open most of the time?

4) Do you put outgoing mail, especially bill payments (checks), in your mailbox for pickup?

5)  Do you believe everything you read on the Internet and everything a stranger tells you during an unsolicited phone call?

scoring: Add up how many you answered yes to

0 Yes Answers
If you answered all the above questions “No,” you are unlikely to be a victim of the most frequent crimes – theft, burglary, and fraud.  

1-2 Yes Answers
If you answered one or two of these questions “Yes,” then your exposure to being victimized by crime is elevated. It’s not too late; you can still make improvements to crime-proof your life by correcting the areas you are vulnerable on. 

3-5 Yes Answers
If you answered “Yes” to more than two of these questions, you are what’s known as a “victim waiting to happen.”

How not to be an Accomplice 

to Your Own Victimization 

Yes, it may be inconvenient to dig your keys out every time you want to enter your home or car, but would you rather be inconvenienced or victimized? The majority of the crimes in North Ogden can be reduced by half with residents “crime proofing” their lifestyles.  Most crimes are crimes of opportunity for the criminal. Let’s remove the opportunities and you’ll remove many crimes.

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