A “preserve” built by citizens, not the government

Join community members on June 18th to help the future Barker’s North Ogden Nature, Heritage and Legacy Preserve

YOU ARE NEEDED. This is a call to action.


After decades on the back burner, a group of North Ogden residents have decided the city will never have the funds to turn this wonderful venue into “Barker’s North Ogden Nature, Heritage, and Legacy Preserve.” We are committed to not only building this park with a minimal amount of tax dollars, but to ensuring a Legacy Trust Fund using the 501(c)(3) Charitable Fund initiated by Blake Cevering. This trust fund will include funding for maintenance, repair, and replacement.


From Native American Conservation, early pioneers working together to build a fort to protect early settlers, building churches with contributed funds and private donations, to building the first and second swimming pools, North Ogden citizens have often done things themselves with little to no tax dollars. North Ogden can do it again.

A chance to see the “Preserve” will be available at the “Clean, prune and preserve” service project on Saturday, June 18th, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Displays showing the potential of this land will be available.

Grant and Linda Protzman have sponsored several of these service projects over the past few years, resulting in dump trucks filled to overflowing with weeds, dead wood, and garbage. We are now ready to move beyond “Clean and Prune” to the “Prepare” Step.

Come be part of the future on June 18th at the Barker’s Reserve “Troll Hollows” entrance north of and behind the amphitheater entrance on Fruitland Drive. Set a new model for our state and nation by doing this without tax funds.

Bring chainsaws, gas or battery-powered weed wackers, grubbing hoes (they look like a pick, one end pointed and the other with a wide blade), pointed shovels, pruners, nippers, pruning saws, wheelbarrows, and other garden tools. Wear heavy-duty gloves, long-sleeved shirts, work shoes, and work pants. No shorts, flip flops, or open-toed footwear.

Great snacks and refreshments will be provided by Lee’s. Coupons and other treats will be provided by other area businesses.

We’re needing new or cleaned used towels and socks for donations to the homeless shelters. The homeless are in critical need for them. Two years ago, six pickup loads were collected. Please bring donations to the amphitheater.

Join in a project that will be part of your enduring legacy in North Ogden. We will see you on June 18th. For any questions, or if you have special skills and can lead a team, please contact:

  • Grant Protzman at 801-782-6616
  • k Blake Cevering at 801-549-8202

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