How Snow is Removed From City Streets

How Snow Is Removed From City Streets

We want everyone to better understand the procedure the City will be using. Because we do not know when or how much snow we will receive, we follow a basic plan for removal and adjust accordingly. If a storm hits during the night, the Police Department will call out the crew as needed.

Certain streets of the City have a greater intensity of use, faster speeds, and and more snow than other streets; these roads have a higher priority. We will plow the main routes first, school areas, bus routes, etc, then we will branch out into residential areas. It may be necessary to clear an area immediately for power outages, fire or ambulance calls, or other obvious emergencies.

We begin plowing snow when there is an expected accumulation of 3” or more. For those storms that are less than 3” we will salt the main road, large hills and school zones only.

With a storm that lays down 3” of snow and then stops, it will take approximately 8-10 hours for plows to clear the snow from every area in the City. If the snow continues beyond 3”, the time is increased roughly two hours per inch. Please know that we are doing our best to meet the snow removal needs of the City as quickly as possible.

Please be patient in cleaning your driveways. When clearing your driveway, please put the snow on the right side of your driveway, and not into the street, so when the plows do come by they will push the snow away from your driveway.

We especially want to draw your attention to the busy intersections throughout the City. Please be extremely cautious when approaching these intersections. Slow down ahead of time, even if your lane has the right-of-way.  Your caution while traveling these and all areas of the City is important for your safety.

Additionally, please remember there is no parking on any City street from midnight to 6:00 am or within 24 hours of a snowstorm.

We understand that snow removal is a very time consuming and frustrating task. Occasionally, City snow removal efforts can undo shoveling on private property. Our goal is to minimally impact private property, but the main objective is to keep the streets clear for vehicular travel. If you have any questions on how we do snow plowing or salting, please call David at 801-782-8111. The snowplow drivers cannot stop plowing to handle concerns unless an emergency occurs. So all questions and concerns will need to be raised with David at 801-782-8111We will do our best to serve you and make North Ogden City a safe winter community. Thank you for your support and caution.


Many of your friends, family members and neighbors are older, or temporarily/ permanently disabled and need your help when it snows. If you are willing to help your neighbors, let them know. Give them your phone number and tell them to call.

If you are one of the residents that are in need of assistance, talk to your neighbors, or find the phone numbers to your local church leaders and scout masters.

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