Thank You to Our EMTS Department

A few months ago I pulled up to my son’s school to pick him up. He’s in kindergarten. I saw a fire truck out front and the gates to the recess area were open, which is not a normal thing. My son’s teacher, Ms.Joy, (isn’t that the best kindergarten name?) walked back and forth between cars looking very concerned. I thought nothing of it until I got a call from the school.

I answered the phone and the receptionist said my son Grey was in the ambulance near the playground. I instantly started to cry, jumped out of my car and ran back there. He was surrounded by the nicest-looking group of guys. They were smiling, which was a good thing. Grey had a little stuffed animal and they were getting an ear full from my talkative little boy. They probably know every family secret now. They said he had a seizure on the playground. He looked good now, but I should probably take him to the ER just to make sure. They were extremely kind and helpful. I wish so much that I had taken a picture of them with my Grey boy. I left feeling grateful for them, but worried about my little boy. I didn’t even say thank you to these men!

I thought maybe this would be a good way to tell our fire department and EMTs THANK YOU for all that they do for us. I hear your sirens at all hours of the day and pray that my family and friends are safe, but feel a peace having you out there helping. You totally ROCK! My son still loves his stuffed animal. Thanks for all that you do!

Your forever friend,

Melissa Spelts 

P.S. Grey has a thing called Syncope where if he gets hurt or is scared he will hold his breath and pass out. It is common in children, Ryan’s sister had it as well. So he’s okay. 

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