2020 Flooring and Design Trends

Carpet and tile

Flooring trends in carpet and tile are patterns.
Carpets are low pile with anywhere from intricate to very simple patterns, and tile has moved in that same direction. In smaller rooms with less trafficked areas, people love adding some brighter colors to liven up the space.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors have trended to longer and wider planks, with lighter earth tones being most popular (see above). (Pro-Tip: if installing hardwood in your home, it is best in a dry climate to also have a humidifier. This will keep the wood from warping, cracking, or having other problems.)

Softer, earthtone colors

Pale pinks, greens, and blues are very popular, along with earth tones in kitchens and baths. This is a move away from the white-on-white kitchen that has been popular for some time. You will also notice that appliances and faucets have moved from stainless steel to more neutral, softer metal colors.

Simple + Minimalism

Simple elegance is also on trend. This image shows a mix between minimalism and Art Deco style that is very popular right now. You can also see the patterned carpet.

White oaks are one of the most popular trends in hardwood. Also popular is a matte finish, moving away from the glossy floors. You will see here the muted pale colors. Bright colors are also trending, so go ahead and add your favorite bold colors to a space in order to give it that pop.

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