March, the Month with an Identity Crisis!

March, the Month with an Identity Crisis!

You have to feel sorry for the month of March. Poor March, the only month that suffers with a crippling conundrum of what he wants to be when he grows up. One day March is 65 degrees with magnificent spring sunshine, the crocuses are blooming, robins singing, people are smiling out in the yards, the next day, WHAM! A snow storm makes an encore visit from February who feels cheated because she only gets to have 28 days to showcase her winter weather. But then two days later the sun is out and the crocuses are back in action followed by another remnant of winter. My oh my, the weather mood swings of March are crazier than an out of control Yo-yo on a rollercoaster. With this flip flopping you would think Congress was in control of the weather.

But you really can’t fault March for this state of personality uncertainty. To begin with there is the rule that a groundhog dictates whether or not winter will be continuing from February into March. That is disconcerting. Think about it, how would you feel if you knew your fate was in the hands (or paws) of a pudgy rodent?

After the insulting “destiny by rodent” edict, March is then blessed with the mascot of Leprechauns. The flummoxed weather conditions are certainly influenced by the shenanigans of Leprechauns as they cavort about all the while foisting their mystical pranks on innocent winter weary folks. At the least we should all be grateful we don’t have a month that has Bigfoot as the mascot.

Also, how could you expect a month to get its seasons correct when we can’t even reach a consensus on how to set our clocks in March.

“What time is it?”

“Right now?”

“Well Duh! Of course I mean right now.”

“I just ask, because if this was yesterday at this time, this wouldn’t be right now, it would be an hour from now, either earlier or later, I’m not sure. But if you ask me tomorrow, what time is it, I will definitely tell you I’m still not sure what time it is. But then what did you expect, this is March, kind of the Twilight Time Zone of the year.”

If all of this is not enough, there is the Vernal Equinox of March that adds even more instability. The month starts out with more dark than light then has to do an about face and give more daylight than night. Poor March comes along, minding his own business, being a night person, then is mandated to change to being a morning person. Most people would rise to an insurrection if they were forced into such disagreeable conditions.

What is a person to do to cope with these wild asymmetrical oscillations in the weather? Think ahead. It won’t be long, in the depths of the Dog Days of summer, during a string of 100 degree days, when most folks will once again be commiserating about the hardships of disagreeable weather. Oh how a small morsel of March’s capricious weather antics would be appreciated at that time. It’s all a matter of having the proper perspective and enjoying the moment, regardless of the variations of weather.

Think of getting through March like a child turning the crank on an old time Jack-in the-box, listening to the tune with great anticipation. At some random time the clown jumps out of the box, the child laughs with delight with the surprise, closes the box and repeats.

You can’t change the weather. Just keep turning the crank and smile with the spontaneous variety that is sure to pop up.

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